How to receive TradingView alerts on Telegram and Discord?

What are TradingView Alerts?

TradingView Alerts allow you to receive webhook alerts on any of our delivery endpoints as they are triggered. This service includes a free tier with 1000 alerts for non subscribers.

You can begin using TradingView alerts in three simple steps:

1- Add any of the following delivery endpoints:
Telegram accounts (free for everyone)
Telegram groups (Xypher Pro+ and above)
Telegram channels (Xypher Pro+ and above)
Discord channels (Xypher Pro+ and above)

2- Copy a webhook URL from the delivery endpoints page

3- On the alert setup popup, add the URL you received from xypher under the HTTP Webhook field.

That's it! Your alerts will be delivered on your delivery endpoint as soon as they are generated!
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    • An alert triggered but I didn't receive it on Telegram/Discord

      There could be a few reasons why this happened: 1- Your delivery endpoint is disabled. Check the delivery endpoints page to see if your selected delivery endpoint is active 2- The webhook URL is incorrect, double check your URL and the one set in ...
    • Do I need a Pro account to receive alerts?

      Yes. By default, only offers this functionality to their subscribed users. This feature is free on Xypher up to 1000 alerts a month. which means most users can use it for free to receive alerts on their personal Telegram accounts.