Allowlist feature for DeFi Alerts on Xypher

What is allow list filtering?

The "allow list" filter in our DeFi Alerts feature allows you to customize which types of events you receive notifications for. It ensures that you only receive alerts for specific events related to Ethereum accounts, such as ERC20 token transfers or AAVE loans.

Imagine you have a list of events or actions that you're interested in, like receiving a particular type of cryptocurrency or monitoring only when someone borrows funds through AAVE. With the allow list filter, you can create a personalized list of events that you want to be notified about. This means you won't receive alerts for any other events that are not on your allow list.

So, in simple terms, the allow list filter lets you choose and receive alerts only for the transactions and activities that matter to you, such as specific types of token transfers or any specific event supported by DeFi Alerts. This way, you can focus on the information that is most relevant to your interests and investment strategies.

The allow list feature is only available in Xypher Pro and is not available on the free tier

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