DeFi Alerts Free vs DeFi Alerts Pro

What is the difference between DeFi Alerts Free and Pro?

In general, free users of Xypher are limited to

1 telegram account
1 tracked address
100 alerts monthly quota limit (reset on the first day of every month)

Click here to find a list of udpated features free users can access.


Xypher Pro subscribers can get amazing features with a subscription, including:

More addresses, more alerts: each tier gives you more and more allowance for alerts monthly and amount of addresses tracked

Alert Filtering: after adding an address, only receive specific events like token transfers or DEX trades.

(Xypher Pro++) Webhooks: receive alerts instantly on your server via HTTP requests
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    • How are DeFi Alerts generated?

      DeFi Alerts harnesses the power of Ethereum event logs to extract and analyze transaction data. We decode event logs from all transactions, diligently scanning for any activity involving the specific address you're monitoring. Once a relevant ...
    • Do I need a subscription to receive DeFi Alerts via webhooks?

      Yes, to leverage the convenience of receiving DeFi Alerts through webhooks, a subscription is required. Webhook delivery is an exclusive feature available to Xypher Pro++ subscribers. By upgrading to this subscription tier, you unlock the full ...
    • Can I receive alerts as a free user?

      Absolutely! As a free user of DeFi Alerts, you have the valuable opportunity to track and receive alerts for one specific address. You'll enjoy the convenience of receiving up to 100 alerts per month directly to your designated Telegram account. It's ...
    • What is DeFi Alerts?

      DeFi Alerts is a cutting-edge notification delivery service made for Ethereum transactions. With DeFi Alerts, you gain the ability to receive instantaneous notifications whenever a designated wallet engages in significant transactions. Our service ...
    • What is allow list filtering?

      The "allow list" filter in our DeFi Alerts feature allows you to customize which types of events you receive notifications for. It ensures that you only receive alerts for specific events related to Ethereum accounts, such as ERC20 token transfers or ...