Whale Sniper Free vs Whale Sniper Pro

What is the difference between Volume Alerts Free and Volume Alerts Pro?

Our public Telegram Channel for Whale Sniper only outputs selected alerts from the USDT markets in the top exchange (at the time of writing, Binance).

Xypher Essential, Plus, and Pro subscribers can receive many other perks, including

All exchanges plus their supported quote markets
Alert filtering by exchange, quote market, amount or volume
Option to receive alerts on several delivery endpoints, including Discord, HTTP, and various Telegram methods
Access to Volume Alerts data via our REST API

To find a list of updated features, check the Xypher Pro Pricing page
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      If you have subscribed to our service but are not receiving alerts, there are a few potential reasons for this: Missing Delivery Endpoints: Ensure that you have added delivery endpoints such as a Telegram account or a Discord channel to receive the ...
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      Yes and no! In our backend system, once an alert is generated, it is prioritized and promptly sent to subscribers first. However, there may be a slight delay between the delivery to subscribers and the subsequent delivery to our public channels. This ...